Mark Seibold has the unique perspective of a licensed architect and certified city planner. With 14 years experience in architecture and 9 years of experience as the City Planner, he has bridged the gap between the best practices of public sector planning and the implementation of private sector investment. Working closely with the development community as City Planner, Mark advocated for and guided the conceptual design and planning for new commercial, residential, and mixed use developments.

Mark's goals for architecture and planning work are relatively simple, create a culture of design and problem solving that is accessible to everyone. Whether or not we are actively engaged in a design profession, everything in our built environment has gone through some level of design. Whether it is intentionally designed, like a neighborhood plan or building facade, or unintentional design like a city skyline or array of buildings built over a span of decades, each element plays into a larger whole. As each element in the landscape improves and changes to meet the desires of the current inhabitants it should reflect the time and context in which it is exists. We might see cities as an assemblage of unconnected parts, but in reality they are all tied together by one single demand; That they shelter and protect the inhabitants, and allow our families, businesses, and congregations to thrive. For this reason, thoughtful design, and planning are important to everyone and necessary to maintain lasting value in our communities.